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When I grab a tea bag from the Yogi Tea brand, there is wisdom on the label. I have been drinking Yogi Tea for years and I do not often come across the same saying. I usually read aloud what it says and often think: yes, indeed and now what! I then go back to the day-to-day worries. My family sometime makes fun about the proverbs. One day I thought I’d investigate the usefulness of those sayings. Because if everyone ignore the tea bag wisdoms, all those brands – I suspect Pickwick has something like that in the Netherlands – can simply stop. Because, what do those marketing people mean by that? It is probably not the case that more tea is being sold sold because of the wisdom labels. Or should it bring the tea drinker to rest, to himself? I guess the tea fan must at least get that idea.

Every smile is a direct achievement

Freely translated: Every smile is a direct or instant piece of art.

Is that true? That is always the first question that arises in my mind.

There are two ways to smile. One that comes from the heart needs no explanation and one to make your self feel better by curling up the corners of your mouth and keep that up for a while. Ultimately, that inner smile could appear just like that. Fake it till you make it.

In my yoga classes I often mention the smile. I think a smile is important. Participants sometimes look so agitated and serious that I might get the impression that they are doing yoga against their will. I know better. They make an effort to concentrate. Because we have never been taught how to concentrate on our inner world and only on the outside world, it is extremely difficult. And now that we are living in the smart phone era and embarking on the socials, that little power to focus shrinks like snow in the sun.

Do you know what happens when consciously smiles?

Your eyes relax, your jaws, your tongue, your neck and yes even your tailbone. I didn’t make that up. Research has been done on this. And, when you exercise and you can keep your attention, you can experience how the relaxation goes through your body.

So a smile is an instant piece of art that you not only enjoy yourself – as a maker – but also your fellow man. Because it is more pleasant to look at someone whose eyes and mouth are smiling than at a frowned forehead, staring eyes that can no longer blink due to stress and tight jaws? In addition, a smile usually invites a smile.

So yes, it is a work of art with direct effect. Instant result. For yourself and the world around you.

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