The psoas, muscle of the soul

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The psoas represents the deepest, instinctual qualities of energy in the human being. It is from the area of the psoas that wise women and wise men ground themselves. With an integrated, well functioning psoas comes a quiet, safe haven to move from and be within.

Only when the psoas is free to move, can the energy of our body flow smoothly, our emotions balance, and our thoughts become integrated.

The psoas is located deep in the body and gives stability to the human body. It influences structural balance, the amplitude of movement, the joint mobility and the functioning of organs in the abdomen.

The psoas is the only muscle that connects the spine to the legs. It is responsible for keeping us on our feet and allows us to lift our legs to walk.

Recent studies have outlined the psoas as a perceptive organ made of bio-intelligent tissue that literally incorporates our desire to survive and flourish.

It is the primary messenger of the central nervous system and considered the spokesman of the emotions.

An accelerated and stressful lifestyle produces adrenaline. Adrenaline causes chronic tension of the psoas. On the long run this chronic tension will harden and shorten the psoas. The body becomes stiffer and the organs have a harder time to do their work well. The back will start aching, the vertebras move out of place and digestive problems can be the result. In the end it will also affect the breath. Then the body is in a constant state of alert.

A free psoas makes it possible for the body to become more flexible and to have a straight back. And when the body is relaxed, the organs and the heart have all space to function at their best. We can breath freely again.

When we bring back health to our psoas, our vital energies in veins, bones, joints and muscles return and will connect with our creative potential.

You could consider the psoas as an organ that canalizes energy, a core that connects us with the earth. It permits us to create a strong and balanced support from the centre of our pelvis. In this way the spine elongates and through the spine our whole vitality can flow.

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