A bend arm


On the second Sunday of the month, I organize a Satsang.

Sanskrit (India): sat = true, sanga = company.
Usually translated as:

“Meeting with the Truth”.

Satsang for me means: being together with people who care about their lives and health and want to understand what life is about.

I have come to the understanding that I am here in this life to learn one thing: how to live as a human being.

Maybe that sounds a bit odd, until you realize that all you learn when you grow up, is to behave according to the expectations of society. You constantly adapt to the wishes of others and you become unreal and unhealthy.

You learn:

  • How to please everybody
  • How to become an obedient slave to the economy that has to grow constantly
  • How to be at service to the money
  • How to be at service to the other

So, most of the time people are victim of the circumstances that life seem to present spontaneously, instead of a conscious human being. People are asleep. They live without any one goal in life, except pleasing the world, with discontentment and emptiness as result. Social media and smart phones are the ideal distraction to not notice that you are sleepwalking, to keep you from waking up.

We need to awake in order to become human. To become a good person that knows what life is about. The question is: how?

Well, for that we only need two things:

1. A means to develop self-knowledge. Meditation is such a means. It dissolves step by step the unreal in you. After some training, meditation destroys that what is unreal, so everything that is not you.

2. A bend arm to interact with others. So no one can come near to you. Be all the love for the others and the world and keep this “bend arm” distance.

Each Satsang will fill in both needs. We meditate and train how to bend our arm.

Where: Quinta Os Chões (my quinta in Ponte Velha)
When: Sunday, 9th of June 2019 and every second Sunday of the month.
Time: 10:00-11:30 hours
Price per Satsang: 7 €

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