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Until the end of the Middle Ages (1500), astrology was just as important a study as astronomy. Both studies were inextricably linked. Isaac Newton, for example, had an extensive library of astrological works. Only with the rise of the natural sciences did a slow separation arise. Astrology was named as occult science and astronomy as modern science. Since then, astrology has generally been in the corner of the so-called spiritual people.

I wonder if the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans (to name just a few) would have been concerned with astrology if it had no value whatsoever for human life. Even for the Celts and probably other peoples of all time, astrology played a major role in their lives.

I myself am not into the daily predictions in newspapers or magazines or on the Internet. I do, however, value the birth chart and the influence of the position of the planets on the earth and therefore on people. To stay up-to-date from the sidelines I follow an astrologer who gives a clear explanation of the state of affairs. Her name is Barbara Goldsmith.

She caught my attention because she talks about the solar eclipse coming up on 2/3 July. All such major events amplify the energies with which the planets, the moon and the sun, affect the earth. These events are great opportunities that we as human beings can consciously make use of; if you only know when and how.

This solar eclipse offers the opportunity to plant new seeds. Of course that is possible at any time of the year and now there is a good chance that those seeds will germinate very quickly, because at these positions the energies work like a special germinator.

The question is, what do you want to sow?

Be proactive and make a list of what you want to happen in your life, what you want to have and what you want to see happening in the world. That might take some time. Think carefully about it. Then put that list in envelope and keep it carefully. Open it after a year and see which seeds have grown into plants.

Good luck with making that list.

See in class this week!

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