A new year, a new impulse



I wish you a Happy and Splendid New Year!

Do you have good intentions for 2019?
Do you wish to do a number of things differently or stop doing them or do something completely new?
You know that those impulses quickly lose strength; sometimes even so fast that you stop with creating new intentions. Otherwise you may become disappointed in yourself.

New impulses are difficult to maintain due to a biological process in your brain. So it is not entirely your own fault. It works like this:

When you want to learn something new, everything starts working in your head. A new brain connection is made. Compare that with a muscle in your body. Once you get started with your new habit, course or whatever, you start training that muscle. So the more often you use that muscle, the stronger it becomes. Once the muscle / brain connection has become dominant, old brain connections fade away. So that old habit disappears slowly. The muscle becomes weak.

Willpower and discipline are important to reach your goal, to train the new muscle. You have it all in your own hands. You can in fact change everything. You do not need anyone for that or any money.

Whether you stop smoking or do yoga every week, it all depends on your will to change. Ask yourself if you really want it, from the inside. How important is it for you?

2019 is another year of truth. Being honest and sincere towards yourself is essential to get through this year and to take time to become quiet. Do not underestimate the positive effect on your life.

Next week the lessons will start again. I love to train with you and to become quiet and hope to welcome everyone again. We also start the meditation mornings on the second Sunday of the month. All dates can be found below.

I hope to see you again next week.

Yoga classes start Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Weekly: Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 hours and 19:00 hours.

Meditation meetings – Satsangs
Every second Sunday of the month.
Sunday, January 13, 2019

I appreciate it if you let me know if you will attend. Preferably by e-mail.

Love, Liesbeth

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