Accept – The magic word

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What is that?
I’m afraid.
What does that look like?
Is it scary?
Is the world going down?
I have no more work?
How does the money come in now?
What should I do with the kids all day?
And what do I do all day?
Nothing is the same anymore!

You will automatically receive an answer to all these questions. Day by day you will know more.

First you accept the situation, with surrender. With a smile and an open heart. Then the rest will follow automatically.

I would like to keep in touch with you. Through this medium. I am looking into what is technically possible. I depend on the quality of my internet connection. Online classes are not currently possible.

For now I occasionally come with a short message, written or spoken or filmed. As it appears. Because one thing I know for sure:
No obligations, nothing HAS TO BE DONE. I move from my thinking to a quiet area (the satsangs were about that) and there I hear exactly what to do. I promise nothing. I’ll make it appear.

Be happy with yourself, with your creativity and your life. You can do anything!

We will be touch!

Love, Liesbeth

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