All there is


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The libraries are full of books explaining the purpose of meditation. Very briefly I would define it this way:

Experiencing the connection with all there is.

That may sound vague, because what is “all there is”?

It literally means: all there is. So everything you can perceive with your senses and “everything” that you cannot perceive with your physical senses. That second “everything” is everywhere you normally perceive emptiness.

Very long ago, people knew how to that; by nature; simply because we are nature and nature is in us. These days it’s different. I see a lot of people who are not satisfied with their lives. They are gloomy, rushed, always want something that someone else has or are afraid of losing what they have and there is always something to complain about their health.

One thing is certain. We live in exciting times in which your mind can be fed almost 24 hours a day. An uninterrupted flow of information from the screens is overloading you. Information that is as volatile as gas and that sucks you deeper and deeper into the screen. The result is that human profoundness disappears; I mean, making information your own, let’s say experiencing knowledge through living it and thereby converting it into wisdom. And, by stacking all those fast facts, you fall asleep unnoticed and actually become stupid. You seem to transform very slowly into a robot.

Do you actually remember that you have a body? Do you remember that you are alive? In the absence of contact with your own nature and with all there is, gloom and dissatisfaction lurk. And those feelings arise through your own unconscious way of life.

I think it is very necessary in these times to experience that you are an important link in your environment and in the big picture. Experiencing that connection gives you an impulse and basis to live fully and to have satisfaction in all areas. Then you know that every movement you make has an effect on the world; that every word from your mouth has an effect on the world. It makes you considerate of yourself, it connects you with the other on a level that you did not know before and consequently your connection grows with all there is.

To get on the way way, I did three meditations on Sunday of 20 minutes each.

The first led to the experience of your body. The second focused on the awareness of your thinking and the third led to making contact with everything around you; with all your senses in action. The final intention was to experience everything at the same time.

It was beautiful! The larger the group, the stronger the experience of being connected to all there is. Thank you for being there.

The next second Sunday of the month – October 13 – we will continue practicing. You are very welcome to participate.


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