Art in the yoga studio

IMG_8612 (1)
O estúdio novo

On August 15, the day almost nobody is at work in Portugal and Spain, we finally finished the decoration part of the new yoga studio. We had been waiting fort this holiday, as we had to drill a make noise. Now, all businesses in the facility-sharing building were closed. Even the bar. So now we could drill without disturbing work for the others. My husband Coen is a fast worker and extremely handy. Without him – grata! – I would not have been able to finish the job so fast.

IMG_8611 kopie
O meu marido Coen a trabalhar no estúdio

Now his (CoenSt) beautiful art, especially made for the studio, is decorating the walls, together with my favourite wall hangings.

IMG_8615 kopie

The artworks of CoenSt symbolize earth, water, fire, air and the heart.

IMG_8614 kopie

The vertical wall hanging is from Afghanistan (end 19th century) symbolizes the portal to the source. I bought this piece of art on a sales exhibition years ago.

IMG_8613 (1) kopie

The horizontal wall hanging is not as old and is from Thailand. It shows an image from Hindu mythology. It is the Hamsa or Hintha bird. Of this bird it is said that it was the vehicle with which Brahma (the Hindu God) descended to the earth. For monks in Birma this bird symbolizes two caracteristics: purity and gentleness. It was my uncle who brought this wall hanging from Thailand around 1970.

All works are very powerful and invite you to go the way within.

The first lessons will start in the week of September 4.
If you didn’t sign up yet, you can do it now. Tuesday’s lessons are almost full and Thursday’s lessons have more space. Don’t hesitate too long. I would like to keep the classes small. 10-12 participants.

Please click here for information on the new course of 2017-2018.

See you in September!

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