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With 7 participants, this 4-day workshop of Taijiquan was an intensive event. The program was full, from early in the morning until late at night. In short the days looked like this: 8 hours of meditation, then breakfast and then Taiji training, lunch, Wudang yoga, lectures, dinner, meditation, sleeping.

The intensive Taiji training sessions for a few hours in a row, all took place in the beautiful nature on both sides of the Portuguese / Spanish border. So it was still possible to catch a glimpse of this impressive National Park. Of course the castle of Marvão was visited during the only rainy and especially foggy day. That made the mysterious appearance of the fortress complete.

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Wudang yoga is an important building block for the proper execution of the Taiji form. I experience it as a tough workout even though I am hatha-yoga teacher myself. During the Wudang yoga classes I am completely removed from my comfort zone and that sometimes evokes resistance. I think this tough workout is great for me. It does me well! Afterwards.

IMG_2478 kopieTeacher Rene Goris is a 15th generation Wudang Daoist and is also known under the name You Li-Ou, PhD. Rene told extensively about Daoism, his experiences in the monasteries in the Wudang Mountains in China, the five elements (which actually do not exist as such), nutrition and more. We could ask all questions and the answers were abundant.

I learned about meditation, what that means exactly, why we should do it and how it works in the eyes of the teacher. Developing affinity for everything and everyone in this world is the most important meditation to do. When you feel resistance, sit still, until it turns into affinity.

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The retreat was a success, partly due to the delicious vegetarian food that Tânia Martins prepared for us twice a day. A talent discovered!

And now on to the next retreat that will take place in the second week of May 2019. The exact date will be announced shortly and then the registration will open.

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