CuraSom Cristal Marvão

Curasom Crystal
CuraSom Marvão (pyramidal therapy)

In a sonorous and vibrational environment, participants are comfortably lying on the floor with a pyramid exposed on the body. They will receive localized pyramidal therapy and healing through the sound, frequencies and vibration emitted by therapeutic and crystal instruments.

Among several health benefits, pyramidal therapy stands out for its relaxing, cell regenerating, energizing, and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-protective effect of the organs, strengthening the immune system.

The physical body and the subtle bodies benefit from the treatment and in the area covered by the pyramid a dynamic energy flow is generated and intensified, transforming and releasing blockages in the organs and chakras.

Chakras are energy centres responsible for absorbing and redistributing vital energy through the meridians to the organs, revitalizing the human body and its systems. The existence of some imbalance in the energy field can cause the organs to become ill, as they do not receive the energy they need for their proper functioning. There may be many contributing causes but usually some types of thoughts and emotions are the determining factors.

Treatment focuses on the 3rd and 4th chakra (Solar Plexus (Lumbar Centre) and Cardiac Plexus (Dorsal Centre), with connection to the large intestine, stomach, liver, gallbladder, lungs, bronchi, heart, pancreas and thymus glands, and circulatory, respiratory and immunological systems.

The Solar Plexus is a centre of power, an intermediary between the energies of Will, Determination and Creativity. It is linked to the emotional life and the understanding of emotions contributes to its balance. At this level we affirm our exterior identity, balanced or unbalanced, according to the choice of values and qualities. Surrendering and developing Spiritual Consciousness helps balance this field.

The Heart Chakra, when open and in harmony, gives a sense of oneness, of love, as a healing all-pervading all-Is energy. In this field develops the process of integration of matter with spirit; it is the seat of the Higher Self. When unbalanced or closed, it creates energetic walls. These energetic walls are like a self-created prison in which we are locked up, thus making it difficult to love. “Lowering the defences” or “lowering the guard” allows life to simply flow in a dynamic of joyful giving and receiving, developing unconditional love related to security, power, and a dependency-free sex life. Developing the liberation, essentially from concepts and prejudices that prevent behaviour change, is one of the essential skills in balancing this field.

This session is the second of four different ones, that in addition to elevating health, enhance vibrational elevation, promoting a more conscious and fulfilling life in accordance with our Essential Nature.

Holistic Therapist: José Carlos
Participation fee: € 15
Venue: Yoga Studio Marvão, Ninho de Empresas, 1° floor, Office 7, Santo António das Areias.
Registration: Liesbeth Steur 967 421 914 or

Due to limited seating and essential event organization issues, the registration fee must be paid before or on 26th of September. Your reservation is secure when payment has been received. Liesbeth will give you the information.

Each participant must bring comfortable clothing, 2 pillows and a blanket.

Arrive 15 minutes early to sleep peacefully.

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