Emerge from your cocoon

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

(português)  (Nederlands)


It’s time.

It’s high time.

It is the right time.

We don’t need anything but a little time and it has now been given to us.

We spin our cocoons every day, from birth, for years on end, and feel safe there. The thread is made from all of our own assumptions, beliefs, truths from parents and educators and teachers. The cocoon is our world. With our eyes open we look at the wall of the cocoon and it reflects like a mirror everything we think is true.

It is a sham.

It is false security.

It is the cocoon of great suffering. When we are honest with ourselves, we can only admit that life in that cocoon is actually not safe.

We live in times of turmoil. Many people are afraid, even so afraid that they can no longer feel it. How is that possible if we have created our own safe harbour?

The cocoon is made of illusions. The building blocks are our own fabrications that must ward off our fears. Like rituals could appease the wrath of the gods.

In my yoga classes I regularly ask if you want to close your eyes. For a reason.

When we close our eyes, we no longer see the wall of the cocoon. We can then become aware of our body. I call that looking inside. Feel the shape of your body and then go inside. There, deep inside is your heart center. Go in there and stay there for a while. That’s the only place where we can find the truth because that heart center is in direct contact with something outside the cocoon. We cannot see or touch that thing and experience it as soon as we are silent.

From that place of silence we can start to understand ourselves and then recognise ourselves for who we as human beings really are and the logical consequence is that we can also see our fellow human beings for who he or she is.

We are on the eve of great changes, it seems as if the earth is shaking off what it no longer needs. In these turbulent times, there is only one solid rock that offers true guidance and that is within us. When we discover it and sit on it, that illusionary world with its fears and unrest melts away automatically. The threads of our cocoon dissolve. The wall that reflected our ego is gone and the lightness of life has appeared.

We are like butterflies that make use of the natural current that feeds us endlessly.

So occasionally close your eyes, sit still and listen.