End of Year Events in the Studio


In Yoga Studio Marvão we will have FOUR events to close the year. Alle events are to create more tranquility and harmony in your life. Don’t miss out and if you need more information just call or mail me.

Sound Journey Concert by Trio Triboleta
Marc Drost, Maria Petersen, Ricardo Townsend
Melodies and harmonic singing

Triboleta Attic

When: Saturday, 16th November 2019 | 19:00-21:00 hours
Price: 5€ (please register; limited space)
Register: Marc Drost | 965 677 697

Music is vibration with structure. It interacts with our internal structure allowing transformation. When we engage in situations guided by creativity, we are allowing our Being to be inspired by new perspectives, emotions, thoughts, sounds, colours, etc. We get richer and more harmonized.

In this concert, our goal is to create “good vibrations” in order to generate an environment of meditation and expansion of perception. Through connection with sound, we improvise with voices – melodies and harmonic singing – drums, percussions, bamboo flutes, Tibetan bowls and other magical instruments, inviting you for a deep dive.

Note: you may lie down during the sound trip. Bring what you need to be comfortable. There are yoga mats in the studio but you can bring yours if you prefer, warm blanket, socks and comfortable clothing.

Triboleta is the union of Maria Petersen, Ricardo Townsend and Marc Drost, who focus on creating sound trips to complement ceremonies, yoga, improvisation contact and other movement experiences. They also organize rituals and sound circles, where people are invited to co-create and explore sound from their individuality to collective union.

Restorative Yoga by Heidi Dyer
Restore and regenerate the entire organism


When: Sunday, 24th November 2019 | 10:00-11:30 hours
Price: 7€
Register: Heidi Dyer | 917 909 631

We live in accelerated times and restorative yoga is a practice that invites space, reflection, and deep relaxation. It is a therapeutic method that seeks to calm the body, mind, and emotions. Restorative yoga uses props to support the body making postures more comfortable and accessible to beginners and those with limitations. 

Restores and regenerates the entire organism
Calms the mind and brings clarity
Improves concentration and self-awareness
Reduces anxiety
Increases vitality
Supports the immune system

Curasom Crystal in Marvão by Jose-Carluz
Pyramidal Therapy  5°, 6°, 7° Chakras

Curasom Crystal

When: Domingo, 1st December 2019 | 15:30 – 17:30 hours
Price: 15€ (please register; limited space)
Register: Liesbeth Steur | 967 421 914

In a sonorous and vibrational environment, participants are comfortably lying on the floor with a pyramid exposed on the body. They will receive localized pyramidal therapy and healing through the sound, frequencies and vibration emitted by therapeutic and crystal instruments.

This session is the last of three distinct ones that, in addition to elevating health, enhance vibrational elevation, promoting a more conscious and fuller life in accordance with our Essential Nature.

Inviting the Light: Celebration of the Winter Solstice
by Heidi Dyer
Yoga, Guided Meditation and Ritual


When: Sunday, 22nd December 2019 | 15:30 – 18:00 hours
Price: 5€  + a small gift/offering to exchange (value up to 5€
Register: Heidi Dyer | 917 909 631 (please register; limited space)

The winter solstice or longest night of the year marks the beginning of our ascent into lighter days ahead. Join me in celebrating this transition with yoga, guided meditation, ritual and moving forward into the new year with clarity and intention. 

All materials (including yoga mats and props) will be provided. Please dress in comfortable clothing and arrive 5-10 minutes before the workshop begins. You are welcome to bring a symbolic item to be used in creating an altar for the celebration. 

*Você pode trazer um item simbólico para criar um altar para a celebração.

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