Expect miracles

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With all that rain outside it was cosy being in the house. In peace and quiet we have done exercises to meditate by concentrating and noticing the random thoughts that unconsciously take us to other thoughts. You can investigate such a thought or thought flow that brings you out of balance by asking three questions:

1. Is this thought about something that is really present in the here and now?
2. Is it good, loving and compassionate?
3. Is it necessary? Is it essential for the happiness or joy of man and the planet and is it necessary for my survival?

I’m sure you will answer no 3 times. Reality is always friendlier than any thought or belief. And if you answered 3 times no, you know that you mistook a lie for the truth.

We talked about how to train the mind in order to see the good in everything. The fact that achieving the greater goal (being an optimist) always starts with the first step is sometimes difficult to accept. Because some people think it will take ages. They say: let go of it and move on! I do not think that works like that. A person can say: “I leave that old habit for what it is, I stop doing that.” And saying and doing are two things. To actively let go of an old habit is impossible. That old habit is a very well trained muscle in your brain. Only by learning a new habit (new connection in the brain, training that new muscle) the old muscle can relax and fade away. And only then when you are so disciplined to not go back to the old habit.

Faith in miracles was another topic. What is a miracle? One says that it is a favour from God, the other says it has to do with the law of attraction. And yet another person says that it is supernatural and therefore she cannot believe in miracles. Although that same participant does believe in the law of attraction but does not see the connection. To prevent misunderstandings in this world, defining the meaning of a word is important.

I think we can and should expect miracles. If you have a wish – a wish with heart and soul – you can have it materialized. However, it is important to wish something positive. So saying that you do not want something, it works against you. In my opinion, the outcome of the wish is the miracle. Because a miracle always happens unexpectedly. There are some conditions for bringing miracles about.

1. You must have the willingness to change.
2. Surrender to the big picture – allowing yourself being lead – is self-evident.
3. Forgive everything and everyone and I mean everything and everyone.
4. Expect miracles.

What a wonderful Sunday morning it was.

Thank you for being present.

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