Focus or concentration

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During our upbringing we never learn how to concentrate. We have been told from an early age that we should do that and no one explains how. Not even our parents. They rarely even set a good example. What we do learn is to be distracted. Seven days a week, fourteen hours a day if not more. We (re)act on impulses coming from outside of us. So we are very good at being distracted because that is what we do. Ultimately, bringing total dissatisfaction with our lives and even achieving a possible goal is difficult of not impossible.

Focus is what we want and to be able to do that we must train our concentration. You don’t learn that in one day. So to become a star in having and keeping concentration – stay narrow and deep – we first have to understand how that all works in our heads.

There are two things: Mind and consciousness

The mind is a very large, seemingly infinite area that you can divide into all kinds of sections related to states of mind; with emotions such as fear, jealousy, love, sex, food, hate, anger, kindness, empathy etc.

The consciousness is a glowing ball of light. It is a given. It is always the same. That ball never changes colour, energy, power or intensity.


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What you focus on, you’ll find the light ball there. Your consciousness is there at that place. That place is illuminated.

You go to the movies. The director has put everything in that film to excite as many emotions as possible with you. You go from fear, to love, from anger to understanding. When the movie ends you read the words “The End” and you sigh. What a movie that was! With his way of filming, the director has brought your light ball to all sections of your mind. So you allow someone or something to do that. That is exactly what happens all day. Everything around you brings your consciousness to all kinds of places in your head. You are actually a plaything of your environment.

During meditation class I train your awareness with you. Then you will understand that there is a clear separation between consciousness and mind. And, that you have the talent to control your consciousness.

You need to do concentration training on a daily basis to achieve something. Like you have to train everything you want to become good at. A talent is worth nothing without training.

Throughout the day:
Always concentrate on one thing at a time. If you talk to your partner, stay for 100%. Stay there!

Life is an appearance (manifestation) of where your energy flows. Your concentration, attention or awareness. So your life is a reflection of your leadership over yourself and the world.

Be unwavering with your focus.

(Free interpretation of the words of Monk Dandapani)

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