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The times we live through are very special. Probably all generations in their time have said this. The Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Ottomans, the Indians, the Europeans, to mention a few. If you have some knowledge of world history you would know that the end of a civilization, announces a new beginning.

And I think we live in such a transformation process. We are standing on the brink of a transition to something new. Look around you, read the papers and sit still for a minute with what you are reading here.

The economy has – whether it likes it or not – reached a tipping point. Although everything is being done to keep it alive and growing, it is over. Don’t you think so? In the hunt for money Earth is being overburdened, war machines are all out and flows of refugees have been set in motion that destabilize all the so-called securities of a secure and safe life.

You and I
You and I are being captivated by the economy with its profit motive and the urge to keep on growing. The marketing machine is working at full capacity assisted by the mind-control of (social) media. To be able to survive according to the established standards we must have and want more and more and more. The fear of not being able to get what the other has or to lose what we have, is the main motive. This way, you and I are being drugged by materialism and that makes us blind for what life is really about. Why not read this paragraph once again and let the words sink in. How much stress is being created? Whose fault is it? Can you do something about it?

What I notice in my surroundings is the desire for a quiet head. My friends, my yoga pupils and acquaintances are all – maybe there is an exception – suffering from this restlessness.

Most of them have the conviction that the circumstances they live in are their faith that is being accepted with non-resistance. Pay attention: with non-resistant acceptance the misery starts. You know why? It is not in human nature to suffer, to be a victim. Human nature is to be free en to live in harmony with oneself. Believe me!

Big Brother
Your thoughts want you to believe that you have to be afraid and have to suffer. Isn’t it strange that we consider all those thoughts without asking even one question, as true? As though your thinking is Big Brother that defines everything for you. Like the world leaders seem to do for us.

Good news
It is an illusion to think that you don’t have any control. This is what I tell you. You have all the control. You just don’t know yet how to become your own leader. That’s logical. Nobody taught you and you know, it is never to late to learn. But, you have to do something to get there. In fact for me this is the only thing I MUST DO!

I must
The insight that helped me is this:
I yield the discipline (with all willpower I have) to investigate each thought that makes me suffer. By that I mean suffering in the broadest sense of the word. Those thoughts are mostly about judging other people or things outside of you. A research for the origin of such a thought will bring you closer to yourself. And that is the end of suffering and my secret.

The secret
The better you know yourself, the easier life is. All anxiety and related stagnation disappears. Everything starts flowing. With that shift within you, the circumstances will shift as well. Simple.

Body and mind and soul

If you want to benefit from yoga, be conscious of the fact that the body is not a fixed structure.

Your body is a living process. Constantly in motion. Each atom, each cell. Why not think about that for a while. Feel the body, sense the process. The condition of your body can change for the good or the bad. Whatever you choose. Your body feels every single thought. 24 hours a day your brain orchestrates the body. Whatever you’re thinking, believing, wishing, produces new connections in your brain and those connections influence your body. Your body is animated. Yes it is. You’re feeding body and soul with what you think and believe.

Do you now understand why I think it’s important to be the leader of your thinking?

Hatha yoga
There are many ways to learn, reach self-knowledge and to pass the gate in the direction of the source of life. Hatha yoga could be the first step. It will bring you into contact with your body. 100%. For me it is a proven formula to that gate and walk the path. That’s why I like to share it with you.

I don’t think that yoga is not about the perfect body, the perfect outfit with the perfect water bottle. No. I practise yoga for three reasons:

  1. I use my willpower to create discipline to practise regularly. I think that we humans have willpower to do well. A well developed discipline makes daily life also a lot easier.
  2. My body stays flexible and healthy and I get to know it. I hear every signal. My body tells me who I am, what I think and what I do.
  3. Through the stillness and moving inward during exercising, I learn how to control the mind and the body. I experience the emotions within, learn to see them for what they are and so I feed body, mind and soul with healthy thoughts.

I sincerely hope that my lessons will get you on the way. Most of it you have to do yourself, like all else to make your life a good life.

I welcome you and your questions and look forward to exchange ideas and train together. See you in the studio.

Love, Liesbeth

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