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I can still remember well, the first time the question “what am I doing here?” appeared. I was five years old, living in Sicily. The Etna rumbled and spat fire. I had just been on the verge of death by typhus. That night, from the terrace I felt and heard the rumble of the volcano and saw the fireworks. The starry sky was there as always.

My mother and older sister were there as well and yet I felt like an alien.

“What am I doing here?” “What is all this?” Those questions played in my head and that was the beginning of a long road full of bumps, rocks, mountains and valleys. Many bruises, scrapes and wounds and the frown in my forehead grew into a permanent vertical wrinkle between my eyebrows.

Studying thick books, delving into Western and Eastern philosophies, teaching yoga and meditation brought some answers, but too little to become really wiser. Celebrating and living life, jumping into the deep, taking risks with the adagio: let’s see where it will bring me. And yet the search for optimal health and longevity continues.

That is how I ended up in Chinese philosophies. Confucianism and Daoism. Books alone have never really taken me any further, but the application and practice in real life of the science that is in those books do take me further on my way. Yoga is still it for me and now I also practice Tai Chi and Wudang (Chinese) yoga.

A whole new world is opening up for me. I would like to share that world with you, so that your daily life can also become lighter.

That is why I organize a Wudang Taijiquan Retreat of five days. Together with Eduardo Salvador and Taiji teacher Rene Goris from Amsterdam who will train us for five days.

Guesthouse Trainspot  is our accommodation during the Retreat. Trainspot is located in the restaurant/guesthouse of the abandoned station Marvão-Beirã. The tracks are silent and show us a way. Marvão is located in the middle of the natural park Serra de São Mamede, on the border with Spain. Food & Beverage are provided by Trainspot and are adapted to the program and the wishes of the participants.

The language of instruction will be English, with Portuguese translation. The days are filled with meditation, training and living in nature, lectures on the underlying philosophies, eating, resting and also sleeping. There is time for acupuncture and massages.

You can also ask all the questions that are in your head.

If you come from abroad, there is a transfer from Lisbon Airport to Marvão. To make it as easy as possible for you the price is all-inclusive. You only have to buy your own ticket. So you can concentrate 100% on yourself. Five days. The Retreats in Alentejo website offers the information and the possibility to register.

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