Last Satsang of 2017


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It was windy and rainy last Sunday. There was no chance to be outside in nature for meditation and conversation. A new experience it was, being together in the house. This time we were with ten participants of which two newbies.

As always Susana Maridalho brought delicious cupcakes with blueberries. Phine Verhoeff came in with a bottle of self made Kombucha – thank you girls – and we had ginger tea and coffee. Those mornings are always over before I know it, doing short and long meditations and having nice conversations.

The theme of this Satsang was:

What can we do to become more aware every day?

I think that adopting a new habit to replace an old one is a simple and good start. If you repeat the new habit long enough in the mind, feel it in the body and act accordingly, it will become an automatism and then come naturally. Another nice thing is that the old habit will slowly fade away if not used. The lack of attention does the trick.

Three simple examples

1. On waking up in the morning you could replace your first thoughts about yesterday, today and tomorrow for thoughts of gratitude. You could even make a daily list for what you are thankful for.

2. Whenever you notice a negative person around you, you could do three things:
– Go away. That is not always a possibility.
– Send that person off. Not always possible.
– Change your thoughts about that person. That is always an option.
I know it will ask something of you and it could take time investigating your opinion about that person. Just ask yourself – while loving yourself to the max – were in your life you have been a negative person. Be honest and face it. Most of the times the situation will dissolve all by itself when you have had the insight.

3. And there is another habit you can learn; one that will take you between 1 to 30 seconds. Well that’s saving time! Especially in the busy month of December you have many opportunities in a day to practice. For instance while expressing your Holiday Season wishes.
We live in busy times and it seems we hardly have an eye for each other. You could start with looking everybody you meet in the eye. Just one second. And listen to them. You almost always pose the question:

How are you? Wait for the answer. In this way the other is being seen and heard and so are you. That is connection. In that moment you are present and aware. Now.

Connection is not based on how much time we spend with someone or what we do with them, connection is always based o quality of presence.(Katherine Schafler)

Thanks to you all for being present last Sunday and for your inspiration. We’ll look each other in the eye again soon.

Yoga classes will start on Tuesday January 2, 2018!

The next Satsang will be on Sunday 14th of January 2018 at 10:00 hours.

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