New kid on the block

Heidi Dyer in her workshop Chakra Balancing

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The amount of participants coming to my yoga studio is above expectations. When I arrived here in Marvão in 2016, I did not have any plans for a new studio. Yet it came into existence, in spite of my reluctance. Actually, I had this resistance against an obligation of giving weekly lessons again. Now, two years later I am happy to give four lessons a week and the necessary workshops in between.

I am still grateful to Leone Holzhaus for asking me over and over again to start teaching again. I then thought then: one lesson, okay, that will do. Now I have a fully furnished studio and lots of participants. Life is full of surprises. My circle of friends is growing fast and the good news is that about 85% of the participants are Portuguese.

I truly love doing my job and, I remain top fit.

The market is larger than four lessons per week. I will not do more than what I do now. And then all at once Heidi Dyer appeared on my path. Fresh from the United States and just settled here. Heidi is also a yoga teacher. She teaches Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. In addition, she was trained as a therapeutic masseur. Heidi came to my classes last summer and stayed. Now she uses my studio on Wednesdays and has the possibility to build her own practice. Wednesday afternoon massages and evening classes. On the fourth Sunday of the month Heidi organizes a workshop with a special subject. Last Sunday – the first time and the class was full with 10 participants including me – we trained for two hours in depth relaxation (restorative yoga) and the balancing of the chakras. Heidi already does that partly in clear Portuguese. Strong woman! Starting a new life on your own in a new country! The workshop was a big success. Wednesday evening she will repeat the workshop for the people who did not fit in last Sunday.

What an enrichment for Yoga Studio Marvão. The region will benefit of this growing community of well-educated and experienced people. The synergy (1 + 1 = 3) can be felt.

This morning after the yoga class we were standing at the bar of the building where the studio is located, drinking coffee in the sun with a number of participants and we all agreed that we are doing great. All together. And that is the only thing life is about. I think.

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