On Liesbeth Steur

LS Nouveau kopie

Liesbeth Steur (1949)


In 1973 I discovered yoga through a small book I found at a flea market. I was immediately fascinated and started training yoga at home and reading all the books that were available in those years. Then I found a yoga teacher and when an official yoga teacher course was offered in my hometown, I signed up and got my diploma in 1980.

Learning has never stopped for me and never will. I think self-development equals living your life. And that is why my life has never stood still. I have moved house and country many times (40) and since 2016 I have settled in the countryside of Portugal. I again have a yoga studio, this time in the village nearby my farm.

My way of teaching yoga is specific to me. Hatha yoga in its purest form is the basis of all my lessons.

The emphasis is on movement and gaining self-knowledge and knowledge of the body.

If you don’t know what hatha yoga is, you could describe my form of yoga as meditative yoga. Body and mind always work together.

That is hatha yoga in full: active and quiet.

I also teach meditation. I think it is extremely important that everyone learns that. Perhaps it is even more important in these times than yoga itself, because you can train the body in many ways. The biggest challenge of the 21st century however is, training the mind in staying connected with yourself, with your intentions, without being distracted by all kinds of digital information.

Losing your focus – in all sorts of areas – makes you as ignorant as a sleepwalker.

I like to be awake while living my life.

And you?

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