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Without exception, I notice in my yoga classes what the supreme need is of the participants: a quiet mind. Not even a lean and flexible body. For most of them that comes in the second place or they have given up on that one. Living with all kinds of inconveniences and pain has been accepted, like a true victim would.

People sigh so often:

If only my thinking could stop!

Well, nobody is able to stop that. However much we want it.

Today I went for a long walk with my husband and the dogs. The past three nights and sometimes during the day it has been raining hard and already the yellowed and withered fields are green. So within three days, nature is recovering from the long, hot summer. And in a week, the fields will look juicy again. Everyone including the sheep and goats will be happy.

Why do I tell this?

Wandering through the fields I wondered why men thinks he is something other than nature? That is not the case. Men, you and me, are nature. This means that we can also recover from all inconveniences in a very short time. That does not happen because you and I believe what we think. We accept everything that passes by in our minds for truth. And everything is very, very much. The chaos in a human head is immense. There is a bombardment of information throughout the day. On our smart phones, Internet and television. In addition, everyone wants to meet the ideal image of the 21st century of love, family, top jobs, and large houses and ditto cars.

How far away are we from reality, from our connection with nature? It is no wonder that there are so many burned-out people who can focus on nothing at all. The illness – because I think it is an illness – is the beginning of something good; especially because medicines do not provide a solace but investigating your own thoughts and observing yourself seriously, do.

Being able to stay in the state of meditation is the most healing – spiritually and physically – that can happen to a person. That is nature. Just like the grass and the trees, you do not suffer from thoughts when in that state.

To get into that state training your attention is the first step. Just do what you always do in your life – don’t change anything – but from now on do it with attention.

Turn off your phone. There is a button! And plan to do one thing at a time.

If you walk, you walk. I

f you are on the train, you are on the train.

Don’t do anything else other than being aware of your body, your breathing and your environment. Start with five minutes a day. Take it easy. No rush. I bet that after a week you already see the world differently. And that after that first week those five precious minutes have grown into ten minutes a day.

Let me know your experience with that.

Next Satsang: Sunday 11 November at 10:00h at my farm.

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