Preparing for yoga class

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The best way to prepare for a yoga class is NOT having any expectations. Just be conscious that you are going to do something nice for yourself. Something that could be a contribution to your well-being. One hour and fifteen minutes could also be the start of a more relaxed life with more focus and happiness.

Yoga Studio Marvão provides yoga mats and blankets.

For starters I have the following advice:

  1. Use comfortable clothes (a bra could interfere with deep breathing). Bring something warm, to stay warm during relaxation
  2. Arrive 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. Then you will have time to change (if necessary) but above all leave your daily concerns on the coatrack. When late, please enter in silence.
  3. Turn off your phone!!!
  4. Enter the room in silence, choose a mat and sit with crossed legs or lie down on your back. Follow your breath.
  5. Your questions and observations are welcome at the end of the lesson.

Ⓨ Yoga is fun!
Ⓨ Yoga is a personal experience, without goals!
Ⓨ Yoga is a great hike along a pleasant path!
Ⓨ Your body is your responsibility, in daily life as it is in yoga class!
Ⓨ Knowing the limits of your body is an art that can be learned while practicing yoga in a conscious way while taking care of your “I”!

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