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Quinto Os Chões vanaf Marvão (1)

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We are able to see beyond the end of our noses. A human being can do that. For example, we can see the stars and they are about 5000 light years away from our planet. Starlight makes a trip of five trillion kilometers and then a photon falls through your lens on your retina. A miracle! I read it on the internet. We have bionic eyes. Due to the roundnes of the planet our eyes don’t reach that far on earth. The horizon is the limit. That is about five kilometers. Unless you are at a great height. On a mountain for example. Then you can see much further. I assume about 200 kilometers and then the roundness of the earth begins.

Every time I am at the spot where I took this picture, I am amazed about the human eye, about the world and about its vastness. And, that I can see it all!
I know I’m looking at two countries and in fact that is not visible. In the distance is Spain. To the right, for example, you see the dragon’s back – an elongated rock party – that is where Spain begins and before me lies Portugal.

By the way I am in Marvão, Portugal at 800 meters altitude. Below you see some houses. Look at the bottom left of the photo. There you can see three houses of which the middle one is ours. The house is yellow. It is surrounded by our olive groves.

Here I can breathe deeply and breathing out, I sigh: “Wow, I am living here.”

My life is as wide as my view. When I am sitting in front of my computer screen, my life is extremely limited to letters or artificial images. If I look at the olive grove to the left through the sliding glass doors, my eyes are caressed by green. If I am talking to someone, the expression of face and eyes is my image.

The screen easily sucks me in a tunnel. Perhaps the tunnel vision starts here. The screen can even be so dominant when I’m writing, for example, that I no longer feel that I have a body. Then that screen is my world.

The olive trees or nature in general make me realize that I live. As if someone has snapped his fingers. I am awake. Trees, green, wind, sun, rain. Land, earth, rocks. Nature with all plants and animals brings me back to what life is really about.

Regularly I have wondered what I really value in life.

What is important to me? And to find out, I asked myself the question:

    1. Where do I spend my money (after regular expenses of course)?
    2. Is this spending pattern in harmony with my highest good?
    3. Does it contribute?

Answering these questions brought my actions in line with my values.

A life in motion with the rhythm of nature.

That is my highest value. Everything that hinders that movement I say farewell to. This is how my view on life grows.

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