Satsang on Sunday

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Today, Sunday 9th of February was the first Satsang of this year. With 10 participants I started a new journey to train concentration and reach a state of meditation.

We are trained from birth to attend almost exclusively to the external world. We develop the habit of turning our minds outward and allowing our attention to be directed by our senses. So it is only natural that when we sit for meditation, our minds wander, drawn away by sense stimuli or by memories of past sensory experiences.

To reach the state of meditation we need to be able to concentrate on one thing. We need a one-pointed mind. We train to be the master of our awareness.

A one-pointed mind or mastering our awareness has at least 2 benefits:

  1. The mind becomes one-pointed. You increase your ability to concentrate. A one-pointed mind is helpful in all areas of life, but it is indispensable in the journey toward self-understanding.
  2. It shifts the direction of your attention inward. For yoga and many other areas in life you need to turn the mind inward.

In meditation the practitioner becomes a witness to his or her thoughts and develops awareness to the thought process.

My goal was to bring the body and the mind to such deep relaxation that you could cultivate awareness, observing and welcoming whatever is present without judgement.

Another result is that you could maybe tap into an underlying sense of peace in that spacious void where everything IS.

We started with simple yoga postures to ground and become aware of the whole body.

Secondly we did a short version of the Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique and maybe a form of meditation. This yogic sleep is a state between sleeping and waking. It renews the body and the consciousness. It promotes deep rest and relaxation and expands your self-awareness. It is a form of guided relaxation.

Then thereafter we sat up to meditate. For 20 minutes the breath was our concentration point while we stayed aware of the thought process.

During tea with sweets we all slowly returned to our lives. The feedback was interesting. Some thought the meditation part was too much. The sitting up with a straight back provoked some distraction. Others had great experiences in all three stages. 

I hope all practitioners will go on training their awareness on a day-to-day basis. Just be aware once and a while of where your awareness goes. What are you thinking? There with that thought is your awareness and for that matter also your energy. Ask yourself: Do I want to be there? Yes? Then deal with it. No? Then bring your awareness back to where you want it to be and deal with the thought later.

You are the master of your awareness. 

I thank all participants for partaking in this journey and I hope to see you next month. The next Satsang will be on Sunday 8thof March 2020, from 10:00-12:00 hours.

You are welcome to sign up. 

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