Season 2017-2018 has started!

O Elemento Agua por CoenSt

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The first lessons of the season were almost full. It was great to see you all back and to be able to great new yogis.

I did communicate that the size of the studio is limited and that 10 participants per lesson is a great number. This way there is always space for a passer-by or a yogi who wants to catch up on a lesson. All yogis that were present this week and have paid of course have a secured place.

The yogis who did sign up but were not present this week: please let me know when you will come. I just want to prevent a situation that the class is cramped. Let me know by mail.

Then two other things to make yoga class even more fun:

Yoga mats
We live in the campo/country and that makes us walk barefoot in the summer most of the time. Which is great. Those feet are carrying earth and sand. Would you be so kind to come to yoga class with clean feet? That way the mats stay clean for other participants and it goes without saying that you can bring your own mat.

Arriving on time
Please feel free to come in 10 minutes before start of the class. This will give you time to consciously leave  your daily thoughts in the hall with your shoes, find a place, get used to the space, lie down and concentrate on your self. Then, when class starts you are totally prepared.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you next week.