Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing



Ever heard of this? The Japanese art of forest bathing? Emerging yourself in a forest to deeply relax and for a better health.

Living in the outback of Alentejo we may think that we are emerged in nature all the time. At least I thought I was until I went Forest Bathing with TerraFazBem, Maria Sousa e Jorge Maia. I came to live here to be in nature and live with nature all the time. Wherever I am in Alentejo and wherever I look it is all nature surrounding me. I make long walks in remote parts of the Serra de São Mamede, watch birds as an amateur and always feel renewed when coming home. So why on earth should I forest bathe? Well, after reading a book about this Japanese Art and listening to Jorge and Maria I booked and went along. No prejudice and yes with an open mind.

Now – after one afternoon with Maria en Jorge – I know that my way of connecting is okay and that there are layers to it. It is always great to be in nature and the walk of 3 hours we did was profound and an eye and sense opener. I never knew that a human being is so closely connected to nature – we are one – as in this experience.

It changed the way I observe, see, hear, smell, taste and feel about all thingsin life.

Shinrin Yoku meaning Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy has been exercised in Japan for well over a few decades. Meanwhile it is scientifically proven that nature has a healing power. We all know that trees produce air, that walking relaxes and that every season is enchanting.

Japanese professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki is professor at the university and researcher and vice-president of the Centre for Environment, health and Field Sciences at Chiba University. He wrote several books on the subject about the effects and advantages of forest therapy.

Jorge is licenced as a therapist in this field and the capacities of Maria who is a therapist herself and an extremely “light” woman, add up to an in-depth experience.

Whenever you feel like having a new experience that might shed more light on why you are doing what in your life, on what you are conscious of, I can truly recommend a Bath in the Forest. One more step ahead in the direction of a good or better life.

I loved it! Go for it! The next bath is on November 17, 2019. Contact Jorge or Maria for more information and to sign up! You will not regret it.

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