Summer Solstice Gathering

The element FIRE by CoenSt


With great pleasure I invite you to join the yoga class on Thursday June 21, 2018 at 19:00 hours. This class will take place at my house.

It will be a special class as it is a very special day. It will be the longest day of the year and that makes the universal energy extremely strong. We as human beings can make use of this higher energy level to make a big step in the direction of consciousness.

I propose to come together as if it was a Sunday Synergy Gathering. We will by turn share the question occupying our minds/our lives. A question about small or big things. Without comments, without judgements. We will just listen to one another. That will give me the opportunity to tune into the group’s energy.
Then we will start distracting the mind by moving the body. Any technique like walking, yoga or tai chi can be used. All in silence. When I feel that the group’s energy is silent enough, we will sit in that silence to do nothing en let the Solstice energy enter our lives.
Then we will have drinks and snacks and return to our questions with which we started the gathering. Who knows – maybe there is an answer.

Summer Solstice Gathering Contribution and Singing-up:
If you are not a regular yoga student a financial contribution of € 5 is appreciated.
Please send me an e-mail or message to sign-up. In time. For organizational purposes.

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