Synergy Gathering



Synergy explanation
Synergy is the working together of two things to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects.

1 + 1 = 3

So, when people come together with a common goal, a group with synergy will accomplish that goal better and faster, than a team without synergy.

Synergy Gathering objective
Most of the people around me have – in one way or another – the same goal as I have:

Becoming a conscious human being.

We share this same objective for different reasons. Maybe you want to understand the connection between your mind and body. Maybe I want to know my role as a human being on this planet and even in the universe. Maybe you just want to be able to control the chattering and sometimes madness in your mind. Maybe I just want to understand why there is so much war, terror and horror on our beautiful planet.

From the moment you start wondering about who you are, you are on your path to consciousness. Walking the path all alone is a possibility and it will surely bring results. Walking this path with others could speed up your self-development and (self-)consciousness and will surely open your eyes in unexpected ways. It will make your journey colorful and rewarding.

Synergy Gathering Program
Every second Sunday morning of the month from 10:00 hours to 12:00 hours I invite you to come to my farm. We will by turn share the question occupying our minds/our lives. A question about small or big things. Without comments, without judgements. We will just listen to one another. That will give me the opportunity to tune into the group’s energy.
Then we will start distracting the mind by moving the body. Any technique like walking, yoga or tai chi can be used. All in silence. When I feel that the group’s energy is silent enough, we will sit in silence to do nothing.
Then we will have drinks and snacks and return to our questions with which we started the morning. Who knows – maybe there is an answer.

Synergy Gathering Contribution and Singing-up:
€ 5 per Sunday morning. Please send me an e-mail or message to sign-up.

Synergy Gathering Dates here.

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