Teaching a cat to bark


In Yoga Studio Marvão (YSM), the body is just as important as the mind. YSM yoga has become a tool to meet yourself. As you push the boundaries of your body, the same happens with your mind.

The swirling of thoughts decreases and your attention is increasingly focused on yourself, on your body, on who you are, on what you are able of.

The world around you consists of events that follow up on each other. Sometimes it is more of the same and sometimes the series of events stand out and sometimes, very rarely, worldly events affect your lifestyle. You are now in such a situation. Now you are faced with a new choice. You accept the situation as it is or you continue to want something else.

I would like to explain something to you. You should now have more time to focus on yourself. I hope you read it and that it helps you, especially if you are experimenting that you are a victim and have to suffer because someone else (in this case the governments) is deciding something about you.

One of my great examples (Byron Katie) explains that there are three kinds of mental businesses in the universe:

mine, yours and God’s (the God of your own understanding and if you have trouble with the word God, call it the business of reality or the universe).

When I interfere with your affairs, I pretend to know what is good for you and actually it is pure arrogance. Because can I know more about your life and well being in the long run than you or God (nature)? When I interfere with your affairs in my mind, I am no longer present within myself. I’ll be in your head then.

The friendliest thing is just to know what’s best for me right now. That is a full day’s work. This is my business, this is my life. By keeping myself busy with this I make sure that I am healthy, effective and free from stress. From this position I live as a loving example of peace and quiet – as your unconditional friend.

Incidentally, non-acceptance of an event evokes emotions that originate in fear. Fear consists of two things. I can lose what I have or I don’t get what I want. Do you recognize that? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid to accept reality? Better stop your resistance. Think of it like this: How do you know it should rain? It rains. How do you know it is of the highest order? It happens! Opposing ‘that what is’ is like teaching a cat to bark.

I know reality is good (always), because if I resist it, I experience tension, fear and frustration. I always lose. There is no balance. No connection. Do I want to change reality? Hopeless. I can change my way of thinking.

Some people are opposed to ‘that what is’. Others are trying to control and change ‘that what is’. Then we tell ourselves and others that we indeed had something to do with an apparent change. In this way, no connection or space remains to and for yourself, each other and God (reality). In the peaceful experience of no struggle with God (reality), I remain aware of my natural state: clear, enthusiastic, a friend, someone who listens.

The YSM yoga classes make your body AND your mind flexible, bringing inner peace ever closer. I do yoga daily for an hour. At six o’clock in the morning. I do the same series for seven days and then design a new series. So you can do my lesson daily and experience how your mind calms down and of course your body. Listen with lots of love to what your body can do. You don’t have to force anything; that is the same as teaching a cat to bark.

Lots of fun!