The blue sky



My lounger at the edge of the pool is half in the sun and half in the shade. There is a cool breeze, the morning sun gains strength, the water laps softly and the sky is deep blue. No plane in sight. No cloud in the air. I watch that deep blue until I am part of it. I feel as quiet as the blue sky and just as motionless. Nothing can disturb me.

Suppose that the true nature of man is the blue sky, then the clouds, large, small, white or gray, are the thoughts that float by unrequested and pass by. They are not permanent. They pass like thoughts. Except for that thought with which you connect unconsciously. It instantly hangs in and causes inconvenience.

It leads you away from the only reality there is: the here-and-now.

Actually our true nature is like heaven: constant and untouched. Even a cloud has no influence.

As soon as I notice that there is an inconvenience in me, I know that I have attached  to cloud and thus assume a non-investigated thought for truth. To understand the cause of that discomfort, I ask myself several questions. These three for example:

1. Is this thought about something that is really present right now – here and now?

2. Is this thought nice, loving and compassionate?

3. Is this thought necessary? Is it essential for the happiness of man and planet and is it required for my survival?

I’m sure your answer is 3 x no. The reality is always friendlier than any thought or belief. And if your answer is 3 x no, you know you saw a lie for truth.

I am the blue sky and alert to all clouds, even to the ones that are small.


Thank you Eduardo, Heidi, Marian, Maria, Ana Paula e Karin for being at the Synergy Gathering of Sunday 22nd of July 2018.

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