The longest day (2)


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The longest day – last Thursday – became a special day. In my #PHOT (Photo On Thursday) blog of that day titled The Longest Day (English) (Portuguese) (Dutch), I explained what the Solstice means to me. It ended up as a long story on that longest day. Believe me, I do train myself to use less words. And sometimes less is not more. Events in development do ask for new descriptions. 

I wrote that blog on the Solstice with a loudspeaker in my head broadcasting every five minutes: “wishy washy, woolly New Age words” altered with the words: “Keep It Stupid Simple. K.I.S.S.” That last phrase is a favorite quotation of artist CoenSt. As he is my husband and the first reader of almost everything I write, I hear that often enough.

So I must not use wishy washy, woolly words and it has to be simple. How on earth do you describe something that the eye cannot see? Ho do you make something that is complex, simple? That is a creative and above all experiential process. But how simple should it be? I think that everybody can do the utmost and use his or hers investigating mind. When there is something I don’t understand, I investigate until I know and do understand. That is called development.

These days everything has to be ready-made. Fast. No time. Simple. Shallow. CoenSt and I have regular conversations about the subject. I think that one should not assume anything without investigating it himself. So for me a text may be complex.

CoenSt has the opinion that in first instance a text should be accessible and may have several layers that the profound reader detects naturally and the reader who does not know his profoundness yet, understands the text as well, at his own level. Well, the subject keeps me occupied and for now I have said enough about it. 

 I started this post to tell you how the celebration of the Solstice turned out to be. 

A few hours before the celebration at my farm, Karin Pfeifer and I started the laying of the stones in a pattern. In the shadow of the olive trees. I don’t have much experience with laying stones and Karin a lot. The laying happens on intuition. So, sitting still in inner awareness and allowing yourself being led  by the stone that stands out. Not because of the colour or form. The stone will attract you with its frequency. A frequency that fits our intention and the pattern. After finishing we looked at the meaning of the stones. Just like stones (and human beings) flowers and plants have a frequency. They also play a role in the pattern (see photo). Our intention with the laying of the pattern was to create a spot where the vortex of nature’s forces would be brought together and re-enforced.  In the days around the solstice this already happens at universal level. Our action creates a synergetic effect.

You know: 1 + 1 = 3.

Just before sunset 18 participants have assembled and have connected themselves consciously with the forces of nature and the vortex to transform the negativity stored in their cells. This will clean the body.


As a group we did not only enlighten (less weight I mean) ourselves but also the earth and everybody and everything living on planet earth. After the session all participants intuitively put in their own stone and Karin explained the meaning of the stones. There were some revelations!


Thereafter we celebrated our and the world’s enlightenment with great food from the kitchen of Susana Maridalho Moura and mine. Pizzas and couscous, bolo de carne and beautiful salads. More than enough for all. We drank lovely wines, talked about food – an Indonesian and Portuguese habit – and told stories about our lives.

The evening was a reflection of how a conscious society could look like. A company from different countries with one and the same interest: together, peace, freedom and joy.

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