The longest day

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A colocação de pedras; com gratidão à Karin Pfeifer. Uma colaboração. Laying stones with Karin Pfeifer. A perfect ensemble. Thank you.

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Today my day started in a strange way. With storm and thunder. Without rain. That is a bit abnormal for this time of the year. I hesitated what to do. As of this week all yoga classes will be at my farm where we can be outside in plain nature. For doing yoga, the storm was too intens. On the big terrace next to the pool I was not able to keep still while standing. In addition the tent-cloths beat my ears. I waited until 9:15 and decided to prepare for the class inside the house. Furniture aside, vacuum cleaning, laying down the yoga mats. I stopped at mat number two. Something in me told me to wait a little more. The wind weakened. The thunder drew away and at 10:00 there was no one of the ten regular participants. Three had informed me of their absence. All of a sudden an enormous space in time was presented to me. Wow! I could use that really well. Because for this night I had organized a gathering to celebrate the longest day. For all yoga participants en for others who wish to be present.

During the passed week the program for this evening grew and especially the why. When I do something intuitively, I hardly ever know why and how. That comes later. Now I had time to prepare some nice food for everybody and to sit still with the questions: why and how? How do I tell something that might be unknown and seemingly complex, in a simple way. I guess I know now.

As long as people assume that “intuition” and “nature” belong in the corner of “New Age”, nothing will change in this world. Life on this planet as well as human life, is all about intuition and nature. The thinking seems to be the biggest blockade to come to a natural life. This is what I am going to talk about tonight. Also with people who think: “I am what I think”. And to practice, I am going to talk about this with you in detail now.

We human beings, as with all life, are under influence of nature’s forces. Those forces have different names, like energy, frequency or light. They arise from the universe and from planet earth. Their combined action brings life. Us! Those forces have a frequency, as electricity and sound and mine and your brain. Whether you like it or not, these natural forces influence us 24 hours a day.

If you are a person who thinks that he is what he thinks, you will not notice much of these forces. You are so busy arguing in your head and you can’t feel anything anyway. Not even your own body. You just don’t know that you are your body, because you think your body is a thing that helps or bothers you. You think you are thinking consciously. And there, just there, all contact with a natural life stops. As said you don’t feel anything. I do. I know and feel that I have a body-consciousness that includes my whole DNA and my cells. That is me. Meanwhile a reasonable amount of science books have been written on the subject. So, your body is also you.

I think that the thinking is grossly overestimated. It is handy to survive on this planet. That about covers it.

When born, your cells are charged with the history of your ancestors. Otherwise you are unblemished. Your stem cells are even 100% light. Pure. Whole. Probably you know that every seven years cells renew themselves. So in principal we are immortal. So what is going wrong? For with such a system you don’t have to die, do you?

The way we human being use our thinking. 
That’s what is wrong. 
How we blindly believe true what is being thought in our heads. 
That’s what is wrong. 
How we accept everything our parents and educators tell us as the truth. 
That’s what is wrong. 
And then above all, all negativity linked to that. 
That negativity comes naturally when against your purity.

Imagine what happens:
A body cell is a shining glass of spring water. During life tiny drops (negativity) of black ink are being added. Some cell groups, like with organs, will become more black than others and for some people that blackening of the cells show as physical trouble. But with all people this pollution of the cells causes the aging process, a diminution of the efficiency with which the cells function, with death as a result.

I consider it the main task in my live to re-enlighten my cells. All pollution out, so that the cells can reproduce themselves as a copy of the primal cell, the mother cell, the 100% light cell. I am sure that in so doing life will become lighter as well, literally and figuratively.

Today now is such a day to clean house. Because today the forces of nature are strongly joined due the position of the earth and the sun. It is truly intended for us to make use of these forces. And if we link together in a group, like everything in the universe is intrinsically linked and cooperating, then the result is 1 + 1 = 3. And that will be happening later tonight. The wind and the thunderclouds are gone, the sky is blue and the sun warm.

How this will happen? I will tell you later. Why? Because my intuition will tell me. I cannot make it up with my thinking. Only when the group is complete, I will know what I have to do. The words appear just like that. I myself always am curious what comes out. Especially in Portuguese 😉

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