What the heart is full off

©Daan Stevens on Unsplash.Com


Last week, I wrote about the light in your cells. That light is always there, only obscured by the pollution that has accumulated throughout your life. Normally, the body can process and remove this pollution itself. With an excess, it adheres, like air and earth pollution. There, the supply of unnatural elements is also too much to process at a normal pace. Compare it with Covid-19. This is so immediate that ICs can barely handle it. We cannot do much about the pandemic, except observe hygiene rules and respectfully distance ourselves from the other. We don’t need to do much about air and land pollution now; it has already decreased so much because of the stagnation of the economy, it seems like a miracle.

We can do something about the pollution of our cells. I have the following idea about that:

Your heart is your truth and your truth is you in your original state. You are born with clean cells, a clean slate and some genetic load.

As soon as you start learning, before you can walk, you copy the behaviour and phrasing of your educators, and this continues until you are twelve years old. You learn what is right and wrong, norms and values. You learn things that can be completely against your nature. And as a child, you do this naturally, just to get approval, appreciation and love from your educators. Sometimes it goes against your nature. You would like to become an artist and agree to learn how to become an accountant. So you remain a faithful accountant until you are 40 years old and you could end up with a burnout or sick. So if you always do your best to flatter others, you are causing pollution. Fear plays an important role in this, as do negative thoughts about yourself or life. All ink droplets that enter the cells. Do you want this? I do not.

Your truth is in your heart. There you can test whether something is good for you or not. If it belongs to you. If it makes you grow. If that makes you a satisfied person. Ask yourself if your current life suits you. Suppose it fits, then you leave everything as it is. Suppose it doesn’t suit you, see if you can change anything without shocking or harming others. Usually you don’t have to change a situation (teach a cat to bark), you need to change the way you think about the situation. So you must first be aware of that automatic train of thought that you have unconsciously built and used for a lifetime.

Don’t do anything impulsively and do it like this:

sit somewhere in silence.

Formulate your problem in a short sentence. Inhale and exhale. Sit with all your attention in your heart. Imagine that it is a house where someone lives. Is it red? Who lives there? After contacting the person who lives there, submit your problem. The answer comes naturally. It may not be on the first time. Train yourself daily to visit your heart until you feel it for 100% . I’m sure you will receive the answer and trust that it is correct. You don’t take it a step further without trusting yourself.

From now on you can do this with all your questions. Imagine going crazy during the smart lockdown of your partner and / or children at home or of being alone. Withdraw into your heart and let your children (if there are) train with you and who knows, your partner may want to participate. It should not take more than five minutes to start. You may get annoyed by the irritating flow of thoughts. Be patient. Observe this chaos in your mind. Do nothing else. Do not judge. I am sure that even without a clear answer, you will feel better. After a week of training, you can already feel what is happening and be excited about the person you are discovering. You can even fall in love with yourself. Look, then you’re on the right track.

In the case of children and partner, listen to each other’s experiences. Without judgment. Everything is permitted. It’s all right.