Why Satsang?


Two consecutive hours having time for your self without interruption is the basis of my Satsang. Two hours to train your self-awareness. And that is only once a month. It is just a start. I know you are in a hurry and you have other things to do. I also know that those two hours result in a delay in time.

Why train self-awareness?

Self-awareness leads to self-knowledge. There is a 99% lack of self-knowledge. We are aware of the world around us; the material world. We seem to know everything and have an opinion on almost all issues. Who we pretend to be is an illusion that we have carefully constructed since childhood, based on what is expected of us in the outside world. We only learned to behave according to the rules in force. We want to be loved by others and therefore are always seeking love, approval and appreciation in everything we do. In this way, people become increasingly unbalanced with all its consequences, such as physical and mental illnesses.

Self-awareness leads to necessary self-awareness. Only when we have this knowledge can we fully live life: in love and compassion with ourselves and with one another. Only then does the path become visible on which you wish to walk.

Why me?

You, like most people, are probably troubled by doubts, worries, thoughts running through your head and lack of energy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t read that.

What happens during a Satsang?

My Satsang starts with movement, usually a simple form of yoga. To be able to stay grounded. Then I will guide you into a deep relaxation while lying comfortably on the floor. We end with a seated meditation, practicing self-awareness. At the end of the two hours a conversation follows. We drink tea and eat something sweet to return refreshed to everyday life, with new ideas.

  • When: In principle, every second Sunday of the month, from 10am to 12am. In April 2020, on the third Sunday of the month, due to Easter. So, April 19th!
  • Where: At Yoga Studio Marvão in Santo António das Areias or in the summer on my farm in the shade of olive trees.
  • Registration: Please! For organizational reasons, no later than the Friday before Sunday.
  • Cost: € 10
  • Information:   www.yogastudiomarvao.com liesbeth@liesbethsteur.com +351 967 421 914
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