Yes, we did it!

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The new structure of our Sunday’s Synergy Gathering worked!

The result was indeed 1 + 1 = 2.

We came together with a common goal: become more conscious.
We started with sharing what problem was bothering us at the moment. Small things, big things. We listened to each other. We entrusted the problem to paper where it could stay safely while we stood up, finding a place in the shadow to do some breathing and some simple movements. In full concentration. Just to become aware of our bodies and leave the mind for a while. Then we walked the spiral under the morning sun.

No sounds, some bird songs and surrounded by wild flowers.

Back on the terrace a lovely lemon lemonade and delicious focaccia all made by our friend Susana Moura Maridalho was waiting for us. We chatted about the simple things of life like food, an art the Portuguese truly understand. Slowly the time arrived to sit still under an olive tree. Some call it meditation.

I call it doing nothing. Sure, the aim is to reach the state of meditation. It is a state. It is not a doing. So just sitting and doing nothing.

The group spread over the terrain. Dog Che walked around to check out on all participants and then stayed with Beatriz. Che is the perfect means to check with yourself how still you can become.

Back on the terrace we returned to our papers and shared how we now felt about what we wrote down some time earlier. Was it still a problem?

Interesting thing about Sunday’s Synergy Gathering is noticing that all problems have the same origin. Most of us struggle or have struggled with the same thoughts. Through sharing our experiences and listening to one another our consciousness grows. Karin Pfeifer used nature to let her understand her statement of the morning. She came back with some flowers and a wine leave, that told her and us amazing things.

IMG_1699 kopie

So we said goodbye with happy hearts and new insights until we meet again on:

Sunday July 8, 2018 from 10:00 to 12:00 hours.

You are welcome to join. Now you now the synergy of a group with only one goal, being: becoming a conscious human being.

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