You are an explorer

Sunday’s Synergy Gathering – July 8, 2018



A human being is an explorer of the heart and the mind. The discoveries we make on the way, are wake-up calls that make us more aware of what we think and why we act. This growing awareness will bring peace of heart and mind and ultimately to the world.

For me there is nothing more to life.

Exploring and discovering goes so much faster when in a group. I guess that’s why we – human beings – are able to socialize. We need the other to become conscious of who we are. Once you experience that synergy you know that this is the fastest way to inner and world peace.

Yesterday we were with four explorers. One was totally new to this way of exploring. Again some amazing insights surfaced. And once more proof was there that we all struggle with one and the same “inconveniences”. And, that physical movement and meditation are means to understand the mind and the so-called “inconveniences”.

Thank you Lina, Karin and Nuno for this great experience.

Hope to see you all at the next Sunday’s Synergy Gathering on

July 22, 2018 at 10:00 h at Quinta Os Chões.

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