Satsang 13th October 2019



When you lead a chaotic life, don’t start meditating. It will lead to nothing. Maybe even to more chaos. First organize your life so that it can support your meditation. Read on and you will understand why.

95% of what we do, say and how we act in life comes from the subconscious mind.

Like you follow the subconscious steps when showering and dressing. That is a subconscious process with a goal. Meditation is also a process with a goal, a purpose. The process is a prolonged state of conscious concentration that brings forth creation in the broadest sense. Before that happens the extremely concentrated state of mind makes it possible to connect with the subconscious mind where your operating system is. The purpose is reprogramming the subconscious operating system. Then creation will come forth.

So first KNOW THYSELF, then the connection with that sweet spot of silence and creation can be made.

In life, growing up, we never learn how to focus or concentrate. We do learn how to let ourselves be distracted, always thinking of the future with the program of the past.

Needing to learn how to concentrate should be part of your daily routine. Make it part of your life by starting doing one thing at a time. So brushing your teeth means that you are present with the brushing, thinking only of your mouth, teeth and toothbrush; driving your car and stay 100% aware of what you are doing and not thinking about what to have for dinner.

Remember that it takes courage to meditate. With your eyes closed, you will not know what you will meet with. Unresolved emotions will come up from the subconscious mind. Self-love, self-acceptance and acknowledging what appears are key! Never judge yourself or another.

Meditation is an opportunity to become familiar with all things happening in and coming from your subconscious mind. Look at it, zoom in, feel it in all your cells, zoom out and then let it fade away. Then turn back to your body in the present state. That is the only way to get to know yourself, your robot-self, your automatic-pilot-self and reprogram.

Meditation practice
Be aware that you need unconditional love and willpower to start and sustain this practice. Then take up a new routine. Make a daily appointment with yourself, with your energy. Create a meditation space and start sitting there for 5 minutes during 5 days a week. The following week make it 10 minutes, etc.

Thank you for your presence and hope to meet you again at the next Satsang – Meditation and talk on Sunday – November 10, 2019 10:00-11:30 hour in Yoga Studio Marvão.


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