The circle is complete

The key players in 1942. They got married three days before the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East-Indies (Indonesia). My mother 24, my father 26 years old.


My desk is cleaned out. Everything in the trays has been dealt with. There is nothing left waiting for me. Nothing. Now I can put the first letters of the book about the family history to paper. Easy does it. The screen in front of me shows this blank page when I hear the sound of an incoming Tweet on my phone. Let me check. Oh … almost forgot … it is Tuesday, the day I write a blog as part of the #PHOT – Photo on Tuesday. Usually I write this blog on Monday night. Tuesday is my yoga-teaching day so I have less time to write. I think I miscounted the days because of New Year. So I will write the #PHOT blog first.

Somewhere I read an explanation of the meaning of “faith”. That expression consisted of three words. I like short and sweet.

Faith is: “Picture it done!”

I had to take a moment to let it sink in. I let it dance in my head for a few days. I took all my life desires and wishes – big and small – into consideration. And how much faith I have (had) in my life in the outcome of those wishes. Did I have that kind of faith? Express a wish. Point. Never refer to it again. Forget about it. Point. Having faith that it will appear at the right moment. Point.

Honestly? Yes. That’s how I do it. Once I have sent the wish into the universe, it is already in existence, it is just not visible yet. I never refer to it again. I forget about it. It is only in the moment of appearing that I am happily surprised and think: Hey, where did that come from?

The last couple of years I read a lot about this subject. The explanations of the law of attraction are mostly extensive and sometimes (for my unnecessarily) complex. The above expression captures it. It makes my whole being smile.

My wish to write the family history is an old one and all at once in the past three months everything appears that has to do with this wish. The time. The space. The archive and above all, my mind is free. I could not have started it earlier on in my life. It used to be too close. I had too many coloured emotions. Even when others told me: that book will never come into existence! I knew it would see the living daylight at the right time, at the right moment. And now that I undid myself of that heavy “family” coat, I can start. After publishing this #PHOT of course. NOW.

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